Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

I hope that everyone had a Christmas filled with laughter, joy and tons-o-love... I know I sure did! Chrismas is always such a chaotic time of the year-loads of people in town, year end at work, shopping for gifts- that at times it feels like the crazy will never end, but as the festivities slow down and people start to go back home, it's bittersweet. You shed tears as loved ones get back on the jet plane and just wish for a few more days. So...........
I bought myself some new boots!!!
These warm, waterproof, 20-below-proof boots will be keeping me warm through the snowiest December on MN record and what is sure to be an even snowier rest of the winter season.

Christmas is the season of giving, right? No one's ever said the giver can't also be the getter...

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