Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm over here now!

i have a new blog!

it's super cool and i know how much you want to follow it


go there

click 'follow' on the right hand side

then sign in using a google (gmail), twitter, or yahoo account

if you dont have any of those...

you can make a gmail account on the bottom right

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the more followers i have

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and trust me... you'll look cooler too.

shameless. i know.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My wedding

Currently watching the royal wedding. unbelievably perfect. literal fairytale.

these royals are more personable and relatable (to an extent) than any royal generation before and that makes today feel more like 'ours'. I remember back in 1997, after Princess Diana passed, my neighbor Annie G. and I would spend hours upon hours fantasizing about this day (of course with a different bride involved...) and looking up pictures of William in my parents computer room. I told pretty much everyone that I was going to marry Prince William up until... well... there's still a chance of divorce, right?? Just kidding, Kevan ;)

such class. I am completely head over heals with the lace and queen mother's diamond tiara

perfect length, perfect train


again with the lace. ugh! just beautiful


disclaimer: i do realize that taking pictures off of my own tv is severely creeps... but google images doesn't have pictures posted yet!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter-ish Dinner.

Soooo... I know that Easter Sunday was yesterday and i know that for most, today is just another Monday, but for those of us living at Procrastinators-R-Us tonight is Easter... take that! No, i'm kidding. But really- Kevan and i were running around all day yesterday and by the time we got home we were
1. too tired
2. had no Easter Dinner food and after going to 3 grocery stores decided to just go home
mostly number 1. I'm not sure that if we had come across an open store that we would have actually made anything.
It was quite possibly the most beautiful day that we've had all year. We met my parents at their home at 10 and made our way to brunch at the country club with my mom's family. Everyone's easter pastels made life feel clean and new and the weather just brought it all home. The 4 of us changed at the club for our 1 o'clock service (my mom was 'very offended' that i kept referring to the Twin's game as church... i know... i'm going to hell) and went to Target Field to witness our own miracle- a Twins win! After the game, we parted ways with my parents at their home and stopped over to Kevan's parents'. We talked and talked and his mom and i informed Kevan that he and i are getting another puppy and he has no real say in that matter :)
We finally got home around 6? midnight? who knows- i was dead tired. too tired to make dinner, which brings us back full circle. Easter Dinner on a regular Monday.
and it was delicious!

hope you had a wonderful, sunny, family-filled, love-tastic Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poo Poo to you, Mr. Weather Man.

My once unwavering faith in the predictions of our acute weathermen has been tested to the breaking point today. When they stated that it would snow throughout that day starting at 9 am, i believed them. Sadly to say, i am home from work and there is still not a speck to be found.
Damn you Weatherman, Damn you.
My confidence in your absolute power over Mother Nature is ruined.

In other news, here's a little list of the shtuff i'm hopefully going to touch this fine, un-snowie eve:

ps... we'll probably get a foot overnight now :(

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tell me why

i love you like i do

tell me who

can stop my heart as much as you

let's take each other's hands

as we jump into the final frontier

i'm mad about you baby


Thursday, April 7, 2011

1 month and 4 days

Isn't this the craziest?! 1 month and 4 days ago, our front yard looked like this:

I took this picture TODAY on my drive home. Yeah, baby! 68!!

We've really made! Like really, really! Spring has sprung and it has never felt so nice :)

On another note:

I have been given the great honor of hosting a baby shower for this little lady next weekend. Her sissy is back in Seattle again (you have to sing that like Gene Autry) and wont be here to do so herself so she graciously awarded me the privilege- Yippee! Anywho... My momma came over to help plan and we ended up on ichat with some of my cuzies! What a bootiful bunch, eh??

Wow...That's Wild!

I know what you're saying... "Why would you paint those walls? It's such an amazing paint job! So............ Minnesota Wild super fan!" Yeah. I'm a Twins girl. Roo is a computer boy. And neither of us are into painting our interests onto the walls. Thank the lord, this is the worst room of the house, but trust me... that doesn't mean that the other two bedrooms weren't wretched. Our bedroom was two different shades of tennis ball and the office (once their daughter's room) looked like a Disney princes threw up on the walls- neon pink on opposite walls, purple on the others (i'll show pics when we're done). Blargh.

I did not like them, Sam I am. I did not like them........ puke on the walls...
looking from the door to the corner-corner to the door
looking from the blank corner to the window corner-window corner and so on...
oh yeah... it appears that they let their children paint the walls. Even I wanted to sand the walls and if you really know me... you know that that means a lot.