Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter-ish Dinner.

Soooo... I know that Easter Sunday was yesterday and i know that for most, today is just another Monday, but for those of us living at Procrastinators-R-Us tonight is Easter... take that! No, i'm kidding. But really- Kevan and i were running around all day yesterday and by the time we got home we were
1. too tired
2. had no Easter Dinner food and after going to 3 grocery stores decided to just go home
mostly number 1. I'm not sure that if we had come across an open store that we would have actually made anything.
It was quite possibly the most beautiful day that we've had all year. We met my parents at their home at 10 and made our way to brunch at the country club with my mom's family. Everyone's easter pastels made life feel clean and new and the weather just brought it all home. The 4 of us changed at the club for our 1 o'clock service (my mom was 'very offended' that i kept referring to the Twin's game as church... i know... i'm going to hell) and went to Target Field to witness our own miracle- a Twins win! After the game, we parted ways with my parents at their home and stopped over to Kevan's parents'. We talked and talked and his mom and i informed Kevan that he and i are getting another puppy and he has no real say in that matter :)
We finally got home around 6? midnight? who knows- i was dead tired. too tired to make dinner, which brings us back full circle. Easter Dinner on a regular Monday.
and it was delicious!

hope you had a wonderful, sunny, family-filled, love-tastic Easter!

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