Friday, April 29, 2011

My wedding

Currently watching the royal wedding. unbelievably perfect. literal fairytale.

these royals are more personable and relatable (to an extent) than any royal generation before and that makes today feel more like 'ours'. I remember back in 1997, after Princess Diana passed, my neighbor Annie G. and I would spend hours upon hours fantasizing about this day (of course with a different bride involved...) and looking up pictures of William in my parents computer room. I told pretty much everyone that I was going to marry Prince William up until... well... there's still a chance of divorce, right?? Just kidding, Kevan ;)

such class. I am completely head over heals with the lace and queen mother's diamond tiara

perfect length, perfect train


again with the lace. ugh! just beautiful


disclaimer: i do realize that taking pictures off of my own tv is severely creeps... but google images doesn't have pictures posted yet!

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