Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wow...That's Wild!

I know what you're saying... "Why would you paint those walls? It's such an amazing paint job! So............ Minnesota Wild super fan!" Yeah. I'm a Twins girl. Roo is a computer boy. And neither of us are into painting our interests onto the walls. Thank the lord, this is the worst room of the house, but trust me... that doesn't mean that the other two bedrooms weren't wretched. Our bedroom was two different shades of tennis ball and the office (once their daughter's room) looked like a Disney princes threw up on the walls- neon pink on opposite walls, purple on the others (i'll show pics when we're done). Blargh.

I did not like them, Sam I am. I did not like them........ puke on the walls...
looking from the door to the corner-corner to the door
looking from the blank corner to the window corner-window corner and so on...
oh yeah... it appears that they let their children paint the walls. Even I wanted to sand the walls and if you really know me... you know that that means a lot.

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