Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration... that might make you jealous

I'm sure that if you're an avid blog follower, you've heard of the NieNie Dialogues. If you haven't, you should probably go there and start reading right now... at the first post... I know I sure did. I find her story inspiring on so many levels. How devoted she is to her children, her creativity that spreads throughout her home, her resilience after the accident, and her true trust that there is a higher power (sometimes that's laid on a little heavy for my liking...). As I'm taking this journey through life, educating myselfin all religions is very important to me. I don't believe that there is a true right or wrong or that one belief is better than another, but Nie's strength in her Mormon belief just fascinates me. I honestly don't have the slightest idea of what the Mormon's virtues are (other than no drinking, sex before marriage, or swearing... booooring), but I find them so intriguing that I had to do this:
hahahaha again... for those who have read Nie's blog, you may have noticed the tab on the right. It reads "Would you like a free copy of Nie's favorite book? Click here." So... I clicked there, gave her my info and after I had completely forgotten about it, there it was in the mailbox:
I'm THAT big of a dork that I totally had Nie send my a copy of the Book of Mormon. To be honest... I've read the first page, I don't get it, and I most likely will not go back... BUT she signed it! or at least someone signed it for her... but I'm going to pretend that SHE signed it! and wrote MY name! I mean... this is the woman whose blog I read non-stop every day after work to the point where Roo would come home and say "are we having blog for dinner again?"... yeah. I just may have geeked out whilst opening my treasured package. I'm a nerd... what. I lurv her.

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